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    Server Rules


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    Server Rules

    Post by Se7en on 29/7/2015, 23:52

    For everyone:
    Do not ask for money, grades, ranks or anything.
    Do not spam/flame/flood.
    Listen to the Moderators.
    Do not spawn kill.
    Do not abuse your power.
    Do not cheat/hack.
    Do not fake a grade (Admin,Mod,etc...).
    Do not use bugs for your own will, report them.

    For staff:
    Peoples over the VIP Level are not allowed to abuse the Snow Ball!
    Do not free kick/ban!
    Do not free-vote!
    Do not free-kill!
    Do your job as a moderator by opening shops!
    Do your job in general!
    Do not give free money/exp!
    NEVER EVER give Terrorists a Snowball or lottery tickets!

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