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    S-VIP application [Spike]


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    S-VIP application [Spike]

    Post by imSpike on 26/10/2015, 21:24

    Exact IGN: Spike
    Exact USGN Name: turntoon
    Exact USGN ID: 101253
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Servers you Moderated: i Mod 2 on !Minecraft! server
    Servers you hosted: none
    How can you help: explain or direct newbies on how to use the menus such as 'how to buy license', show where to get money on the map for new players to feel enjoyable to play on this server also i will warn people for spawn killing and i will use police job to get them i jail for a while so they can understand it.
    Why do you think you fit for that position: I like to help people just that im a very kind person and i like this server so much want to help players.
    What server are you applying for: Vc-roleplay
    What grade are you applying for: S-VIP
    What is your current grade: VIP
    Something about yourself: i was born in Thailand im Asian but living in Australia anything about Thai food if you interested you can ask me its all spicy tho.
    Will you abuse your power? no way
    Did you read all of the rules? yes
    How much is 9+10? 0? LOL
    More: gg have fun Smile

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    Re: S-VIP application [Spike]

    Post by Se7en on 27/10/2015, 07:15

    Apply for mod instead

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    Re: S-VIP application [Spike]

    Post by imSpike on 27/10/2015, 08:20

    Se7en wrote:Apply for mod instead

    um so do i need to make new post?

    btw Admin forgot to turn on the Kill mode no one can kill eachother now unkillable.

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