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Lessy be dope

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    [Rejected] Apply For Admin



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    [Rejected] Apply For Admin

    Post by Mareta123 on 1/4/2016, 02:57

    Hello everyone i am Rahmad Nurdiansyah But you can call me Rahmad

    Exact IGN:Cobra Chaka
    Exact USGN Name:Pirate31
    Exact USGN ID:151791
    Servers you Moderated:i was moderator on Ninja Life
    Servers you hosted:Roleplay
    How can you help:I Can help to banned hacks,Kick spam,and mute insult.
    Why do you think you fit for that position:I think im enough For this possition
    What server are you applying for:Vc|Roleplay
    What grade are you applying for:Admin
    What is your current grade:None
    Something about yourself:Im Rahmad Nurdiansyah And i am play cs2d
    Will you abuse your power?No way
    Did you read all of the rules?Yes
    How much is 9+10?19
    More:Im rahmad and im 12 years old
    Is Lessfrog ga-y?I think yes
    How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10?Sorry I don't know
    If you would've needed to describe how ga-y is Lessfrog in a minimum of 15 words what will you say?I will say I don't know


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    Re: [Rejected] Apply For Admin

    Post by Angelelus on 1/4/2016, 10:44

    Man is auto Rejected,for admin need first moderator grade.
    and you copy some answers here
    My vote is NO because inattentively create apply.

    Never open:
    Very Happy


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    Re: [Rejected] Apply For Admin

    Post by Se7en on 1/4/2016, 13:15

    guys buy a brain before applying please

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    Re: [Rejected] Apply For Admin

    Post by Sponsored content

      Current date/time is 21/2/2017, 13:59