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    [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    [JAF]Engineer Davis

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    [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by [JAF]Engineer Davis on 8/4/2016, 08:42

    Hello! I want to apply for supervisor and I hope you will accept me.
    1.) Exact IGN: [JAF]Engineer Davis

    2.) Exact USGN Name: TheUnrealVIP

    3.) Exact USGN ID: 101414

    4.) Gender: Male

    5.) Age: 12

    6.) Servers you Moderated: None

    7.) Servers you hosted: None

    8.) How can you help: I will helping everyone and i will punishing rule breaker

    9.) Why do you think you fit for that position: Because i am good at helping and punishing

    10.) What server are you applying for: vC | Roleplay

    11.) What grade are you applying for: SuperVisor

    12.) What is your current grade: VIP

    13.) Something about yourself: I like playing counter strike game and Left4Dead2

    14.) Will you abuse your power? Not i will not abuse my power

    15.) Did you read all of the rules? Yes,
    Forum Rules >
    1}- Don't fake a Moderator/Member.
    2}- Don't spam/flood/flame/insult/use racial slurs!
    3}- Behave & be civilized.
    4}- Advertising inappropriate links will result In a ban.
    5}- Obey Admins & Mods.
    6}- Don't use insulting/racist/flood names.
    7}- Don't capitalize every single word.
    8}- Don't post useless posts

    Server Rules >
    For everyone:
    Do not ask for money, grades, ranks or anything.
    Do not spam/flame/flood.
    Listen to the Moderators.
    Do not spawn kill.
    Do not abuse your power.
    Do not cheat/hack.
    Do not fake a grade (Admin,Mod,etc...).
    Do not use bugs for your own will, report them.

    For staff:
    Peoples over the VIP Level are not allowed to abuse the Snow Ball!
    Do not free kick/ban!
    Do not free-vote!
    Do not free-kill!
    Do your job as a moderator by opening shops!
    Do your job in general!
    Do not give free money/exp!
    NEVER EVER give Terrorists a Snowball or lottery tickets!

    16.) How much is 9+10? 21

    17.) More: I play Cs2D since 2012 and i like burger

    18.) Is Lessfrog ga-y? Verry

    19.) How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10? 10/10

    20.) If you would've needed to describe how ga-y is Lessfrog in a minimum of 15 words what will you say? I will say I DONT KNOW  LOL!

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    Re: [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by Gamer05 on 8/4/2016, 08:45

    You copying my apply so i vote NO
    [JAF]Engineer Davis

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    Join date : 2016-04-05

    Re: [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by [JAF]Engineer Davis on 8/4/2016, 08:57

    Thanks For Make Me Rejected Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

    Im Mad and Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

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    Re: [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by KingShadow on 8/4/2016, 11:57

    I vote No

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    Re: [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by Angelelus on 8/4/2016, 13:16

    Gamer05 and KingShadow you can't VOTE.

    [JAF]Engineer Davis is no allowed copy some answers in others apply's.
    For Supervisor need first mod,try again apply but to lower rank and to answer questions and not to copy them.
    My vote NO

    Never open:
    Very Happy

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    Re: [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by Baewolf on 8/4/2016, 14:24

    My vote is also a NO.


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    Re: [Rejected] Apply for SuperVisor onVC ROLEPLAY[New]

    Post by Se7en on 8/4/2016, 16:00

    And people can vote, with a reason of course. Example:
    Yes because he is helping everyone.
    No because he is breaking rules.

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