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Lessy be dope

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Is Lessfrog ***?
83% 83% [ 19 ]
17% 17% [ 4 ]

Total Votes : 23


    [Rejected] [Accepted]Troll(demotemelolimtoooprooo)



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    [Rejected] [Accepted]Troll(demotemelolimtoooprooo)

    Post by Lessfrog on 15/4/2016, 00:55

    Hello! I came to apply and I hope you will accept me.
    1.) Exact IGN: I still have no idea what this means
    2.) Exact USGN Name: i have two pick one you stupid noob
    3.) Exact USGN ID: i still have two
    4.) Gender:  Very Happy <---- im whatever that noob is
    5.) Age: 21
    6.) Servers you Moderated: i Moderated ClubPenguin and i wz da bestest
    7.) Servers you hosted: i haxed sony and hosted it for two mins
    8.) How can you help: I can ask YouTube how to DDos servers then ill DDos yours xD
    9.) Why do you think you fit for that position: Becuz me likes da muscles (get it?)
    10.) What server are you applying for: i have no idea because you obviously have TONS of servers
    11.) What grade are you applying for: Da best one soo thatll be developer
    12.) What is your current grade: no idea
    13.) Something about yourself: I'm a frog and you can see that a *** keeps on calling me ***
    14.) Will you abuse your power? yeah ill ban you and spawn kill you noob
    15.) Did you read all of the rules? who the **** does that lol
    16.) How much is 9+10? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLBOn0Whhyc
    17.) More: WTF is this shit i dont want to tell you more i just want me rank you stupid *** obviously everyone is going to type some random shit to get rid of it
    18.) Is Lessfrog ga-y? shut up you call me *** cuz i rejected your ***
    19.) How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10? 0.25/10
    20.) Describe how ga-y is Lessfrog in a minimum of 15 words: what program did you use to make no grammar mistakes you stupid noob? (i made grammar mistakes cuz im trolling and thats waat cs2d trolls do i think) and wtf is "Disable BBCode in this post" cuz i have no idea
    NIFF IS ***


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    Re: [Rejected] [Accepted]Troll(demotemelolimtoooprooo)

    Post by Se7en on 15/4/2016, 01:10

    BBCode is stuff like that:
    [spoiler]this is a spoiler[/spoiler]

    19.) How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10? 0.25/10

    Well, rejected.
    Welcome back though!


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    Re: [Rejected] [Accepted]Troll(demotemelolimtoooprooo)

    Post by Se7en on 15/4/2016, 01:11

    Oh and I didn't use any program for this grammar, it is my grammar.

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    Re: [Rejected] [Accepted]Troll(demotemelolimtoooprooo)

    Post by Sponsored content

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