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Is Lessfrog ***?
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    [Accepted] Apply for a VIP


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    [Accepted] Apply for a VIP

    Post by MuSSiC_KiLLeR on 29/5/2016, 18:07

    Hello! I came to apply and I hope you will accept me.
    1.) Exact in game name:  MuSSiC_KiLLeR
    2.) Exact USGN Name: patxxl98
    3.) Exact USGN ID: 28586
    4.) Gender: male
    5.) Age: 18
    6.) Servers you Moderated: in CS2D none
    7.) Servers you hosted: in CS2D none
    8.) How can you help: As a VIP i can only help by telling players how to play or tell them a map goals. Passively I can also help by increasing number of players Smile
    9.) Why do you think you fit for that position: I really love this server. When I have time I am playing on it (most everyday). W read on F1 help that players playing 7 days can apply for VIP so why don't try? Smile
    10.) What server are you applying for: Deathrun
    11.) What grade are you applying for: VIP
    12.) What is your current grade: user
    13.) Something about yourself: Hi. My name is Patrick (in my country Patryk). I'm from Poland and I am 18 years old. I go to a technical school specialization of IT. In future i want to be a programmer (now I'm learning a C++, JavaScript and PHP). My favourite sport is skiing Smile.
    14.) Will you abuse your power? No Smile (I think VIP don't have any danger power to abuse like a mod or admin)
    15.) Did you read all of the rules? Yes
    16.) How much is 9+10? 19
    17.) More: More what? Hm... I will write here my favourity quotation: "Stars are only visible in darkness"
    18.) Is Lessfrog ga-y? Yes! He is and he will be forever!
    19.) How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10? 10
    20.) Describe how ga-y is Lessfrog in a minimum of 15 words: Lessfrog is a ***, he is homosexual, he is homophile, he is fuc.king "pedał"! (in my language "pedał" is very offensive word of ***).

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    Re: [Accepted] Apply for a VIP

    Post by Se7en on 29/5/2016, 18:17

    Accepted, abuse = rape.

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