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    jackyrc application for super vip or something low



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    jackyrc application for super vip or something low

    Post by jackyrc on 9/1/2016, 20:10

    cookie im sorry in the olden days ive abused my admin power so i deeply apologize about my manners back when this clan was created so i will go few step lower and become a super vip to support this community on its quest to development and help newer clan members find their way and give tips to everyone.cheers Very Happy

    P.S to other people viewing this se7en used to be called cookie and cookie im sorry if im violating your privacy by saying your old name

    p.s again another p.s!Very Happy cookie i dont need to say information cause i said it already to you in 2015 and il also call you cookie any ways because i like your old name Very Happy. you can stop me if you dont like it

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    Re: jackyrc application for super vip or something low

    Post by Se7en on 17/1/2016, 15:59

    If I'll see you on the server I'll make you a VIP

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