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Is Lessfrog ***?
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15% 15% [ 4 ]

Total Votes : 27

    [Rejected] Application for Mod/Supporter <3


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    [Rejected] Application for Mod/Supporter <3

    Post by Doraive on 10/4/2016, 20:58

    Hey! its me Doraive! <3 i played 6-7 Hours on this server with VIP , and i think im pretty sure to master the Supporter or Mod Job <3
    Very Happy
    1.) Exact IGN: *--Doraive--*

    2.) Exact USGN Name: Soufian123

    3.) Exact USGN ID: 42672

    4.) Gender: Male

    5.) Age: 19

    6.) Servers you Moderated: RPG_Tibia Maps , Roleplay Maps <3

    7.) Servers you hosted: Nothing.

    8.) How can you help: I can answer and help Our City life Community, Help to respect the Server rules!

    9.) Why do you think you fit for that position: im fit for this position, because i moderated/supported a lot of Roleplay Server and i know how to help a lot of players <3

    10.) What server are you applying for: Vc_CityLife

    11.) What grade are you applying for: Mod/Supporter

    12.) What is your current grade: VIP

    13.) Something about yourself: My name is Mike , im 19 years old. Im from Germany and work in a IT-Industry

    14.) Will you abuse your power? Why should i? i love this server.

    15.) Did you read all of the rules? i read all the Server rules.

    16.) How much is 9+10?: 19

    17.) More: Lessfrog is Gaaaay xD

    18.) Is Lessfrog ga-y?: Oh HELL Yea

    19.) How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10? 10

    20.) Describe how ga-y is Lessfrog in a minimum of 15 words: Lessfrog is Veeery *** , because  Very Happy he like to Touch them Man Titties. Thats what he likes xD

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    Re: [Rejected] Application for Mod/Supporter <3

    Post by Se7en on 10/4/2016, 21:39

    If you can't decide what rank you want I cant decide what rank to give you.

    Also it's vC not Vc

    Very close to be accepted though


    Posts : 43
    Join date : 2016-04-10
    Age : 22
    Location : Japan/ but living in Germany.

    Application Mod/Supporter

    Post by Doraive on 10/4/2016, 21:46

    Sorry for "Vc" ._. .. Hmm fine Thanks. Good day


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    Re: [Rejected] Application for Mod/Supporter <3

    Post by Sponsored content

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