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    [Rejected] scroLL3R's Application for Moderator


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    [Rejected] scroLL3R's Application for Moderator

    Post by scroLL3R on 22/4/2016, 13:51

    1.) Exact IGN: scroLL3R or scr

    2.) Exact USGN Name: tchetche

    3.) Exact USGN ID: 132387

    4.) Gender: Male

    5.) Age: 20

    6.) Servers you Moderated:
    Was Moderator in HC/FUN server before I went to inactive
    Was Moderator in Draftcity before it closed.
    Admin and Owner in more happytown servers in the past
    Was super moderator in old version of city w0w lead by kaps
    I'm now Moderator in Fws doghouse
    Was referee in some tournaments lead by PCS Project
    and more I don't remember..

    7.) Servers you hosted: hosted servers for m3 clans only like |fr3aks| and BG ... and more I don't remember but I stopped host servers

    8.) How can you help: I'm very active everyday at anytime, also I know the commands and how to help visitors also it's easy job for me because I worked on it several times

    9.) Why do you think you fit for that position: I fit here, because I believe in myself that I always do best things for servers if I'm on list of it
    10.) What server are you applying for: vC | Roleplay

    11.) What grade are you applying for: Moderator

    12.) What is your current grade: Citizen

    13.) Something about yourself: you can know more about me by following this link http://cs2d.net/viewtopic.php?f=282&t=3892

    14.) Will you abuse your power?  I never did it because that's lead to problems

    15.) Did you read all of the rules? yes I did

    16.) How much is 9+10? 19

    17.) More: It's actually my 1st time joined your server and I found it's really cool and remind me my old times with my friends play such maps like this, and I'm really exciting to make new friends get happy when play like this maps and I'd like to do more things while im playing here like helping players and open empty shops that's really made me happy 1st time I played in this map since long time

    18.) Is Lessfrog ga-y? yes

    19.) How ga-y is Lessfrog from 10 to 10? 10/10

    20.) Describe how ga-y is Lessfrog in a minimum of 15 words: I see no one can denote that he's a ga-y since everyone know him, also he's ***** like pink pussy's LOL!

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    Post by Doraive on 22/4/2016, 15:47

    Top my Galactic Commander rank 8( Suspect


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    Re: [Rejected] scroLL3R's Application for Moderator

    Post by Baewolf on 22/4/2016, 15:59

    You should at least try to be a VIP. Plus apply for something lower.



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    Re: [Rejected] scroLL3R's Application for Moderator

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