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    House System


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    House System

    Post by Baewolf on 7/10/2015, 15:34

    Wouldn't it be cool if the server has houses for people who want to be more fun like in other Happy Towns? It would be cool to have commands like in the RPG Scripts. Commands like: !buyhouse, !sellhouse, and etc. Comment what you think Smile . You can Remove the VIP House since not many VIP players go to the place.

    - Better gameplay for other players.
    - Cool feature. (Not all Roleplay scripts have it)
    - More players would come. (Hopefully) 

    - More houses means a bigger map. Bigger map means EXP Error and Lag.
    - Players who buys a house and never came back. (Wasted house. Well you could remove the save file)


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    Re: House System

    Post by Se7en on 7/10/2015, 16:20

    We use RP script, if you want houses we can use RPG script which has private houses, why do I think its a bad idea? RPG has no shops.

    The RPG script has items like swords and bows which you can drop and store in your house, in role-play server it makes 0% sense to get a house since you can only drop money and it will be lost on restart.

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